How it works

Dropshipping is a sales model that allows B2C Resellers to expand its products offer with no investment and without having to deal with logistics and shipping issues.

WWTech s.r.l. offers both an integrated Suppliers catalogue download service and a web based platform in which to place individual orders to be shipped in Dropshipping directly to Private Customers.


1. Choose the subscription that better suits you
Our subscriptions are designed to provide either a basic service, perfect for e-commerce start-ups, or a comprehensive pack of services to satisfy more demanding and structured businesses.
Besides the opportunity to easily expand your product catalog, we also offer the opportunity to fully integrate logistics and shipping in order to give a fast and professional service to your Private Customers.

2. Download our catalog and upload the products to your online store
You can download the entire catalog of products both manually (static flow: export CSV files, including links to images, updated every 2 hours) or automatically (live stream: through API integration, updated in real time).

3. Transmit your orders
Through our platform, you can add products directly into a parallel shopping basket integrated to our Suppliers warehouse, with the following advantages:
- real basket: products entered are immediately removed from the Suppliers availability to ensure a higher percentage of fulfillment, preventing other users to buy them while waiting for confirmation. The operation is reversible: the products can be removed and reinserted in the availability of the catalog;
- possibility to enter a shipping address for each B2C order and add files (ex. invoices, promo coupons, greeting cards, etc.); for each order is available internal messaging service to communicate in a simple way with the Logistics.

4. Invoicing
All your B2C orders will be grouped into a single B2B order, allowing you to receive one invoice for your confirmed order (or according to your needs), in order to simplify your accounting and to manage fast shipping.