Logistics and shipments

With our " Turnkey Service" Logistics package will prepare and ship items directly to your final customers. This option including Logistics handling and shipment with one of our couriers (FeDex, DHL, UPS).

"Turnkey service" costs:




 West EU

(8,60€ + 3,90€) 12,50€

DHL – FedEx - UPS 

 East EU

(10,60€ + 3,90€) 14,50€

DHL – FedEx - UPS

 European Countries NOT included in EU and USA/Canada

(13,00€ + 3,90€) 16,90€

DHL - FedEx - UPS

Singapore, HK, Japan, UEA, North Africa, Middle East, Mexico

(23,00€ + 3,90€) 26,90€

DHL – FedEx - UPS

East European Countries NOT included in EU, Australia, New Zeland 

(26,00€ + 3,90€) 29,90€

DHL – FedEx - UPS

Remaining World Countries
(Russian Federation excluded)

(33,00€ + 3,90€) 36,90€

DHL – FedEx - UPS

Standard handling

Logistics handling is all about package preparation for final customer; Logistics will deal with packing each products, to prepare courier AWB and entrusting shipment to one of our couriers.

1. Product packing using triple white cartoon box, choosing from different sizes suite with sold products to minimize the volume and optimise shipping costs;

2. Preparation of courier AWB;

3. Heat thermo sealed each parcel;

4.Drop the package to the Courier;

5. Add tracking number on dropshipping platform to check the shipment

Each extra item going to the same destination is charged 50%.

In addition to the standard process you can request additional services to customize your shipments.


Download here an example of communication that you can add to your packs.

Are the small things that make the difference: proactively communicate with your customers anticipating their needs. It helps to build customer loyalty, increasing confidence, reducing returns, improving the percentage of customers that returns to order from you: we share our expertise to help you to boost your performance!


Download the Italian customs declaration required for your non-EU shipments!


Download the documentation required for exports to USA


DROPP BALL (Glasses)

Boxes used by our logistics

box brick


Most of the products available in our catalog are stored at our Logistics. This allows us to reach same-day shipping for orders received before 12:00pm. The remaining products are available with delivery from 3 to 5 working days. Within our data stream seller will also find the specific delivery times: so it can inform its customers on waiting times for each item.

Seller can integrate its own stock at our Logistics, in order to simplify organization of all orders. Contact us for more information about this opportunity.