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Differences between Wholesale site VS Dropshipping Platform

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Our dropshipping platform offers a complete control of the whole dropshipping process: it is managed on one side by the reseller (you!) and by the other hand by our logistics (http://delledonne.it/servizi-ecommerce.cfm)
The reseller will enter desired items and his own end customers shipping data, adding eventual papers (such as: invoices/sales receipts, promo cards, etc.)  in digital format or giving specific instructions (ex.: requiring  a gif wrapping pack); the logistics will see reseller requests, prepare all courier documents (AWB - air way bill, export papers, etc.), eventually printing extra documents as per your request and adding them inside the parcel; finally packing and sealing each order with transparent heat-sealed film and giving it to the choosed courier.

Dashboard is the platform front page: it contains a summary of main data and orders progress (number of open/closed orders, unread messages, etc.).

Shopping Cart: it allows Reseller to add items in his/her basket and buy them.

Order: it contains all B2C confirmed orders and it helps order delivery management together with the Logistics.

Messages: for each item ordered is available a chat that permits Reseller to communicate directly with the Logistics. It is also possible to attach files to each individual B2C order (ex. Invoice to Private Customer, promotional coupons, greeting cards, etc.).

This responsive platform suits all devices. You can enter the platform using Login and Password to the following link:

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